Agora Greek Delicacies

A Glasgow based importer of a variety of goods including Greek fava, Greek brown lentils, Pasta No.2 suitable for pastitsio (pasta bake), preserved meats, a good selection of cheeses and frozen pies.

272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR

Athenian Grocery

A shop in Moscow Road, near the Greek Cathedral of St Sophia, if you are lucky enough to live nearby.

16A Moscow Road, Bayswater, London W2 4BT

Grecious Limited

A young company claiming to specialising in developing and sourcing nutritious products from the owner’s hometown of Thessaloniki and the Greek countryside. They specialise in tahini and honey.

Greek Market

A treasure trove of Greek produce where I find essentials like ‘frygania’ (Elite Rusks) which you crumble and use as toppings for classics like moussaka or pastitsio or to bind nut fillings for desserts such as baklava and kataifi. Also, Cretan Rusks for Dakos salad, Papadopoulos Petit-Beurre biscuits for delicious fast cold desserts and smoked port meat ‘syglino’ for additions to casseroles and omelettes.

Greek Tastes

A wide range of Greek products sold on line.

Greka Foods

A small husband and wife team behind Greka, use local farmers and produce to recipes that go back to Sofia’s grandmother and  make candied fruit in syrup‘spoon sweets’, jams with less commercial fruit such as quince and bergamot and pasta such as ‘hilopites’ and ‘kritharaki’ which is the Greek, thinner, smaller version of orzo.  They don’t use preservatives and hold awards for their fir, wild flour and thyme honey and for their candied sour cherries in syrup.

Market Street, Nantwich,, Cheshire, CW5 5DG

Liquid Gold Cave

A good selection of olive oil from different types of olives accompanied by solid knowledge. Also honey and some of the more unusual products like carob syrup.

Riverside, Richmond TW9 1NR

Maltby & Greek

A large importer of premium goods. This is where I buy my dakos, sausages, kataifi pastry, fish roe for taramosalata, Trikalinos bottarga to impress and some excellent wines.



An importer with a passion for Greek produce stocking most of the staples from olive oil to cheese for pies and saganaki to wines and filo pastry. Also a good selection of Greek meze for an effortless get together with friends.

2 Dorma Trading Park, Staffa Road, Leyton, E10


Award winning olive oil and organic olives all from their own farm in the Peloponnese. They trade at Borough Market, Unit 43, Three Crown Square. Apart from their olive oil which comes in various flavours, good for Cretan dakos, raw and roasted nuts, raw Green olives, bee pollen and masticha.

The Governor

Olive oil from Corfu which due to its very high concentrations of phenolic compounds particularly  hydroxytyrosol, Oleocanthal and Oleacein the Governor is classified as one of the healthiest olive oil’s in the world.

The Governor was the first olive oil to be awarded a EU health claim.

The Premium Olive Oil Company

Exclusive suppliers of EVO3, an organic extra virgin olive oil produced on the island of Lesvos from local varietals  Adramatini, Latholia and Kolovi.

On their website, the company states that for every product sold, a tree will be planted in a deforested area in Africa – specifically in Ethiopia and Madagascar.

Two Fields Zakros

A small company producing a very low acidity virgin olive oil, cold pressed, from their own olive trees in Eastern Crete.

The Greek Deli

Established in 2005, the company supplies wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and delis. They also sell to the public through their online shop.